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Default Re: Has anyone tried scented fuel?

I know they make them, but what's the point??? Just pass gas to change the scent......biff.

Originally Posted by Mozenrath View Post
The other day I was riding my motorized bicycle to my house, and my girlfriend was trailing behind me in her car. She said that she could smell the exhaust for my bike, and that got me thinkin'.

So I looked up the idea of adding a scent to your exhaust, and this is what I found:

Palmer Racing Fuels - Additives and Fuel Scents

Has anyone tried anything like this? I'm highly tempted.

I wish they had a mint scent, because I'm not crazy about my bike smelling fruity. I was thinking of adding a little mint extract to my fuel but I realized the one in my pantry contains quite a bit of water and only 26% alcohol. Although my better judgment would probably prevent me from doing that anyhow.

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