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Originally Posted by douglasseattle View Post
Humans are limited in their rpm. Much more than motors. Try to spin much past 150rpm. Most are spinning around 60 and time trialists actually do not spin all that fast.

The point here is that a HT motor has far more power than any human. Gearing is not such a big issue
Actually, gearing is a huge issue. Those speed records are not practical. They are done simply for breaking records. This involves things such as special aerodynamic bikes and such.

Speaking of gearings and RPM, anytime someone claims 40mph on a HT with a 44t sprocket, I don't believe them. The engine would be spinning at 10k+ rpm. If someone mentions they used shift kits, smaller sprockets, balanced crankshafts, and better aerodynamics, I'll believe what they have to say. Otherwise, well, it's very easy for 28mph to feel like 40.
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