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Default Re: Chain lube and rust

Originally Posted by waistofhumanspace View Post
I thought snuff was snorted up ones nose! chewin tobacco was for chewin my pop was a Millwright & could not smoke with his hood down so he chewed Scoal, he got about 4 or 5 dips out of a can & never spit, he always said "the diference between like & love is spit or swallow"
Snuff was used both ways, some did snort it at times but around here most everyone who used Garret Snuff dipped it, and the Skoal you spoke of is also called snuff which is dipped and not chewed, when tobaco is ground or powdered into anything but smoking tobaco it is called snuff and chewing tobaco is made from the whole leaf split into smaller pieces, I have dipped, chewed and smoked and was raised around the sort being nearly everyone in my family either used or uses tobaco in some form or the other, I dont use any of it anymore myself been clean from the stuff since April 2005, I was afraid it would kill me in my early to mid 90's like it has many of my other family members.....LOL!

I am a WD-40 user though and it is a great cleaner & it's a great starter fluid and of coarse my late great granny swore it was the best thing there was for her Arthritis... Now back on the WD-40 and the best kinds of chain lubes...... we probably chewed on this snuff deal long enough by now....LOL!

Peace, map
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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