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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

As a noob here, I'll jump right in if you dont mind.
My 13 year old son and I worked on a motorized bicycle build this weekend. Started out with a mountain bike we got for free but had to change to his mountain bike as the old one had issues. Got the china girl in but couldnt get the spark plug to bend so it would fit in the frame so off to Wally World to pick up a cranbrook. Got the engine in and the gear on the rear tire. what a chore working around the coaster brake. He was very involved in this build and we had a lot of fun. He was putting the shutoff valve into the tank and broke the threads off in the tank. He was in tears as it had been a long day.
I gave him a hug and pulled out the easy outs and got the threads out. Went to the hardware store this morning and picked up a lawn mower shutoff valve and some formula 55 pipe thread sealant for fuel systems.
Got the bike together and the smile on his face was worth all the effort and he rode this thing.
About a half hour later the front engine mount bolts came out and the engine spun locked up the back wheel and skidded the tire. He didnt dump it but pushed it home and wore a hole in the back tire. No problem, we just took a tire off my wifes mountain bike!!!

Tomorrow we will drill and tap the front mounts to 5/16 24 and put some grade 5 bolts in.

No matter what it was a fun project and I have a second engine to mess with and just found a friend with an Schwinn Stingray chopper he'll give me for $40. I think I'll save the engine for that. I believe I'll need an extra long chain but am unsure what to do for a motor mount for the stingray.
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