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It is my opinion that the new design of the "Super Rat" has put a crimp on the supply chain for the Grubee kits. I ordered 2 "Super Rats" in the spring on the day they were due to be in stock, they were never delivered. I ended up buying a regular SkyHawk 66 that was manufactured in April 2011, at the time I was told had 360 of these kits in stock. These kits come with the new CNS-EPA carb and are completely epa approved, mine ran like crap at first but runs good after some work on the carb.
I did some enquiring about the "Super Rat" and have heard lots of stuff. Some say they have problems and that's why they are not available, Don Grubee said a large container of kits left china this spring and were due to arrive in June, BikeBerry said those kits were flagged in customs for inspection. It's been months now and still no kits, so I not quite sure what the real story is. Don Grubee did say he ponyed up big cash to get the EPA cert for the skyhawk and the super rat, and was going to get EPA cert for the StarFire line of engines next. My 2011 GT-5 is EPA certified, and the "Super Rat" is also supposed to be certified as well (both use the same CNS-EPA carb).
The "Super Rat" engine is a bit different from the regular GT-5, it has an internal CDI, larger studs, larger bearings, larger oil seals etc. This means the bottom end of the engine is probably a little different. If Grubee tooled up to make the "Super Rat" parts and discontinued the older GT-5 and there is a problem with how the "Super Rat" runs or the shipment was actually delayed then the stock of regular GT-5's that remain in the US would start to dwindle. As far as I can tell, my engine made on 04-20-11 is the most recent batch of regular GT-5's out there.
I don't know what the real story is with the "Super Rat", but I doubt that Grubee would spend that kind of money for EPA certification and then not sell the engines in the USA. As someone else pointed out, and Don Grubee pointed out to me, he is pumping out engines and selling kits all over the planet, it is just the US regulations that prevent many of them from being imported. I originally wanted a StarFire kit, which is a superior product to the SkyHawk, but that engine has not received the EPA cert yet so that one is only being sold to the rest of the planet outside the USA (Don Grubee said that one was next to get cert).
I don't think we have to worry about the china girl 2-strokes going away, eventually these "Super Rat" engines will make their way into the market, there's no way a company would invest that much cash into EPA certification to NOT sell their product in the USA...... IMHO
Oh, and btw, Don Grubee said that would be the exclusive distributor for the Super Rat engine (when it actually becomes available). This sounded kinda strange to me at first, but after reading this thread I am thinking maybe he made some deal with them to get them to pony up the $50G importer fee I have been reading about? Or maybe they agreed to pay this fee but haven't paid up yet so the kits are being held? That's pure speculation, but it sounds like a likely scenario...

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