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Like SaddleTramp, I've actually seen proof/evidence that we're seeing the end of the 2 stroke HTs as we know them. Our EPA has placed a fee (Tramp's 50K annual figure is accurate) on anyone wanting to import them. As some of you know the engines are manufactured by a handfull of factories but are assembled by small mom & pop outfits working out of their back yard shops. These are the guys who export to you and to vendors. They're also the ones who would have to caugh up that yearly 50K. That would be something like you or me buying a new Mercedes SUV every year. They can't afford it and that's exactly what the EPA wanted. It was their way to get a ban on imports without going through a lot of environmental testing BS.
There was a question asked above about what it took to get an engine EPA certified. Well, the answer is, 50K a year.
There are engines/kits available but unless it comes from Gruby, or however you spell it, it will be an engine that was shipped prior to the EPA's mandate and probably assembled in 09. Engines with later manufacturing dates are either bootleg 09s with a different data plate, or one that was bought from Gruby from another vendor. Gruby bit the bullet and paid the EPA's fees apparently and is still importing and probably will until the profit margin goes away.
Just some thoughts for you based on some very good evidence.
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