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Default Re: How much do you ride your bike daily?

My ride is my commuter, I cover about 15km/9mi daily on it (round trip). On the weekends we (my wife on her motorized bicycle and I) often only go out one day, but it's usually a longer ride.
I can commute 5 days a week for the amount of fuel my '02 Buick uses to make the trip once. In the 2 months since I started riding the kit has more than paid for itself in gas savings, so I'm very happy.

Your budget should cover a kit and some of the odds and ends you may need along the way, it's about the same as we paid for a 66cc kit with an NT carb. There were other expenses on the first build I did, mainly little things like grease.. never needed any in the garage before.. a gas can and oil.. etc. Depending on the kit you get you may want a few new tools as well (my life got much easier with a decent chain tool and a 14mm deep socket).


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