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Default How much do you ride your bike daily?

I am new to this forum and have found myself interested in a motorized bicycle.
First of all I'm in California and would like to know if you need any registration/ license to ride it on the streets here?

Next I would like to know how far you ride your bike daily.

I have a budget of about $200 and want to build one for myself. Is that budget high enough?

I remember I owned a 47cc 2 stroke mini go cart/ pocket bike (Using this engine 47cc Pocket Bike Engine), but the engine had heat problems all the time and I even used the right oil to gas ratios, max I would be able to ride it without smelling the engine would be about 4-5 miles. I weigh 200 lbs. I hope these motorized bicycles are far more reliable.

Do you guys have problems with your engines? Do you ride daily?
2 stroke or 4 stroke is better? Or are they both reliable in terms of engines for a motorized bike since I believe the engines are different from the 47cc engine I linked (I think the 47cc ones are generic and aren't branded engines)?

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