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Post Re: End of an Era?

I can feel the keyboards burning from here. Here is what I was told by someone that knows. The tree huggers have found a way too stop the import of 2 stroke motors. All 2 stroke motors. I have had this info for over a year. To avoid being flamed, hated,ect I have said nothing. I purchased a Echo Weed eater last summer and the person that owns the store told me after December 31, 2011 if I ever need another it will be a heavier 4 stroke. We will still be able to get parts, ect. Just not new motors. Don't bother to ask where this info came from. I respect others. Echo I think is made in the USA. Production to stop of the 2stroke models will be Jan 1 2012. I have enough faith in these people I got 5 motors for me. If anyone knows different please let us know.
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