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Hey everyone,

I recently decided to get a bicycle, and as I started looking around, the thought of having a motorized bike of some form seemed interesting. While visiting my brother-in-law in Tuscon, I saw some people riding 2-stroke kits on these beach-cruiser bikes and a few days later I drove to Bisbee to visit's headquarters. The town itself is crazy, it's next to an old pit mine and it's up in some mountains. I got the Dresser Chrome kit (or so I thought) and when I got home I found out they gave me a Dresser Black. Oh well, but I'm coming to like the black look anyways, and they gave me a free speedometer to make up for it.

My brother-in-law put the kit together and a day later I was cruising around doing the break-in. Slowly but surely the bike has gotten faster, and now that I got it back to my hometown of Las Cruces, I've been riding everywhere. I bought a storage container for the back off Amazon and it rocks. I also got some gloves ($5) at walmart that have the fingers cut off, and a killer AGV Blade helmet ($99) that keeps me from eating bugs all the time.

After four days of trouble-shooting a high-speed power loss problem, I found out the motor mounts were loose and after fixing, I'm cruising at a steady 31mph!

I had my first dog chase the other day and nearly pissed my pants as this doberman got right up on me, but I gunned it and laughed as he ate dust.

I bought a Bell light b/c people said the expensive LED lights suck arse, and the Bell light is bright as **** but it eats batteries like I eat jalapenos.

Anyhow, this is long enough, so here's my "HELLO WORLD" from Las Cruces.

“The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right.” - Mark Twain
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