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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
I've rode and used a full tank and part of a small water bottle of fuel today in one trip out and back.
Went for Chinese food in another town. Good food!
About 32 + 5 or so miles with some driving around that town. First time. With a mix of 24 to one and still breaking in the motor I estimate that indeed the MPG is really good.
I plan to go back in week so I'll set the trip meter as well. I'll check the MPG against an accurate measure of fuel.

Had my first rear flat with the motorized bicycle too. No Slime would have helped. It was a wood splinter the size of a nail two inches long. Punctured the HD tube rather well.

Riding this motorbicycle; MB, is fun.
I know I am not travelling much above 25 but still it's like a motorcycle ride to me albeit the landscape is more real at a slower speed. Passing strawberry fields full of ripe strawberries at 25 is very nice on a cool breeze .
Still some more modifications to go but when I am done I'll shoot some pictures and post them..
I agree it's not about the speed. I doubt I'll ever use mine on any sort of journey but I have a nice little run I do around here for sheer enjoyment, mostly cruising at 15 mph through neighborhoods. I've ridden my fair share of mopeds & motorcycles over the years & I enjoy my little creation just as much as any of 'em.
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