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Question Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I saw a thread here about mb's on busses. A lot of folks were saying the bus companies ban them bc. of the gas tanks. One rider made an adapter to use empty soda bottles as fuel tanks, to get home after riding the bus. I don't think they'll take happytime bikes, (how does it fit?) but you should call them and see before depending on the bus.
The good thing about mb's though, is that most fit in a pickup truck. I bet you have a friend or can make one that can give you a lift as Designated Driver, cheaper than a cab. If not cheaper (I'd be surprised if taxi cos. will let you put gas bikes in their vans), at least you would be keeping the money local. :-)

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Been there, done that. The last time a few of us from work stopped out for a quick one on the way home some guy on the patio (where my bike was) goes "You know, it's still Impaired if you're on a bike." I said, "Yep, but all I have to do is get my bike to that bus stop (on the other side of the fence), and the bus'll take us both to about 100 feet from my house." Seemed to shut him up. I haven't tried travelling around on the transit system here with it since the motor went on, but I doubt there'll be a problem with the bike racks on the busses here since they're external/front mounted.
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