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Default Re: replacement parts

unfortunately, we're all at the mercy of Chinese "quality control" (or lack thereof). a problem i have seen many times, is sprockets are warped. imagine holding a frisbee between your twist each hand opposite ways. yep. like that.

about the only remedy i have found, is filing/grinding down the outer edges of the teeth. to the point that the sprocket looks like a regular bicycle crank.

sprocket alignment/centering is touchy, sometimes. thew best advice i can give, is just keep messin' until it's right.

as far as CDI and such....just get the least expensive you can find. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. as with many parts.

parts interchangeability is a cinch.

i carry all the tools/parts just short of an entire motorkit with me, wherever i go. most items have been used at least once, during my travels.

fairracing is correct about stock chain-stretch. its alot.
if you DO get a #41 chain, dont be frightened the first time you fire it up....the wider #41 chain may rub on the casing for a little bit. its harmless. it'll rub itself down and shush.

EDIT:mralaska caught me with me pants down....i was thinking lateral problems, not orbital. sorry.
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