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Default Homelite powered Huffy

Greetings from Va. For some reason, the 2 pics I have of this bike won't upload. Here's what I got. My 15 yr. old Huffy Tundra was just sittin' around, not being ridden since the last couple of years. I had long ago trashed the original knobby tires & put 1.95 x 26 Kenda Komforts on it. Suddenly I had a 25 cc Homelite on my hands. I Googled 'weed wacker bikes' to get ideas. Same with youTube, looked at multiple videos. My installation went about as smooth as can be. I'll have to get pics but all I did was bolt an angle bracket using the hole where my rear brake was attached to the frame. The engine is bolted directly to the bracket, a small aluminum tube was attached to the rear of the engine (flattened ends) to pull down on it (attaching at the rear of the frame) creating the necessary roller tension. I used a standard BMX peg that is fully serrated. The rear brake cable became my throttle cable. The original carb was worn & also had no hi end adjustment. I bought a Chinese Zama, fully adjustable carb. for $ 15.50 to my door. I plan to put a cheap speedometer on it but for know I'm guessing it will do a solid 25 mph with me, at a 190 lbs. & the 50 lb. (with engine) Huffy. I'm guessing the engine is spinning about 5500 rpm wide open but I like to ride slow anyway & usually cruise around 15 mph & 3000 - 3500 rpm. Pics to come once I can figure how to upload 'em.
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