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Default Re: Chain lube and rust

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Somewhere I remember seeing a long list of reported uses for WD-40 (probably compiled by the manufacturer) There were some crazy ideas on it but the strangest was the belief that it helped to ease arthritis pain when spray on joints, fingers, knees, shoulders.. I'm not sure I'd like walking around smelling like over ripe bananas
My great grandmother used it on her hands and swore by it, she said it eased the pain very well and allowed her to move her fingers much better with very little pain...... we always talked about this when I was a kid, she swore by it and also dipped Garret Snuff so the WD-40 wasn't a big deal compaired to the snuff she always had oozing out each side of her mouth....Yep, most of my granny's dipped snuff and so did all but one of my grand paws...

WD-40 was good smelling stuff in comparisons to the spit cans sitting around...LOL!

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