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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

New issue...

First off let me say this RAW has over 1000 miles on it as I type...

Still running strong in my opinion but I am having an issue with something binding.
It is as if the brakes are applied and the engine drags down.
Kicks in at about 27 mph but has started to drag at 24-ish I believe.

I have to consider that it might be a new rear wheel I am using from Pirate 26" CB-110 Wheel and sprocket adapter. (Pick your Sprocket) and I thought it cold be.
I also considered that maybe the idler wheel is "seizing" because it is worn and needs replacement but on closer examination of my ride today I have determined that when there is an event of drag that will bring the engine and bike down in speed like one would apply brakes and I disengage the clutch during that event the engine will die so I believe the trouble is in the engine.
Maybe a bearing is wearing?

I am open to suggestions as to what to look at or for.

My basic option is to swap out this RAW for the spare new RAW and repair what is wrong with this one.

The wheel could be an issue but the "seize" is still killing the engine when the clutch is pulled in.. That points to maybe a bearing?

If that is true then best to replace a bearing before an other wise great engine is damaged.

Ideas? Suggestions?
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