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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well shoot!
It seems like someone is bucking for the task of going to see the fella in the black robe over sauced MABbing... NOT gud!
It's a no win situation, buddy...

Here in the wonderful state of Kalifornia they will reel you in off a bicycle.
No doubt about it.
and the charge will stick.
there ARE no dismissals. Period.

MOF, over many years I have seen them arrest and incarcerate for drunk driving when A PASSENGER was in the vicinity of a vehicle... NOT even HIS!

Far be it for me to advise anyone to exercise caution.
It's a matter of odds.
Y'know... mathematics.
Sooner or later they add up to something you may not want.

Generally LESS money and a vacation.

Been there.
Done that.

I moved my tore up motorized bicycle 6ft today so I could get at my kid's mtb to make some repairs on it. Adjustments, really... Google up 'giant brass' and have a look at the chain guides they run to keep the chain at the front sprocket.
Can't say I'm really sold on their system, but it's interesting how they used a couple rollers on an odd V bracket mounted on the BB.
Maybe something like it could be used for chain tension on an HT???

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