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Default Re: Chain lube and rust

I use motorcycle chain lube, and WD 40.

This is how I maintain my chain. First lift the rear wheel off the ground. Then I cup a rag or paper towel in my hand, around the chain. I dowse the chain with chain lube, as I roll the rear wheel around lubeing as I go. The paper towel keeps chain lube from getting on the tire and bike. Now the chain is well lubed, but what about the splatter.

Next I get a paper towel soaked in WD 40 and cup it in my hand tight around the chain, and clean as much of the chain lube off the outside of the chain as possible. Wipeing the outside of the chain clean won't remove any of the chain lube from where it needs to be.

The last thing I do is find the tightest spot in the chain and make my adjustment there.

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