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Default Re: Radar accuracy question.

Originally Posted by CalgarysFool View Post
Is that 20mph by motor alone? Does it make a difference worth quibbling about if you argue that you were peddling?

Reason I ask is that here in Alberta, the statue says somethign like the bike is not capable of exceeding a speed of 30 km per hour with in 2 kms, from a standing stop. Or something like that. Essentially, the restriction is on what the motor can do for the bike. If pedaling along with the motor, I assume, then only the speed limit becomes the limiting factor.


I got stopped for pedaling my motorized bicycle at 23mph. I forgot to tighten my tensioner and it came off and I lost the nuts so my chain would not stay on.

According to the officer who pulled my over, even if I do not use the motor I have to stay with the 20mph speed limit because once you mount the motor on your bike, its a motorized bicycle and you have to obey the motorized bicycle law.

I look at it this way:

If I am in a car and going down a step hill and pop it into neutral and shut the motor off, and the speed limit is 25mph and I am doing 30 mph....I am still speeding.
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