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Default Motorized bicycles for disaster recovery

Ever have an idea you just can't keep too yourself? Well that's what this is...
On a recient trip to joplin ,I kept wishing I had one of my bikes with.
More then just ripping down all those great country roads, but because some parts of town are still impassable to reg. Cars and trucks. Then after talking to the locals I began to understand that trafic took almost a month to start rooling again. Every type of service one can imagine ,works on getting people into areas that aren't accessable . From the police ,insurance adj, and doctors. Just to name a few.
Then the idea of a shipping crate full of mb's came to mind. They don't need to be fancy or expensive just workable and ready to respond.
Now I already have thought of most all of the negative things involved with this idea (and there are a few) so I would like your opnion (pro or con ) .

The basic idea is to have four or five spots nation wide were local volunteers (you) working from a donation budget assemble and pack a iso crate that can be delivered to any reagion hit by trouble.

If you havent seen it in person ,no news video or pics can really give you an idea of how bad the storm was ! And getting single people into areas hard hit after the first responders have moved on is the goal. So many of the locals lost there own vec. They have no way to even haul water!
This does not have to be an overley complex idea, just a way to get people who now have to walk from the edge of the area in to do there job.

So before I get to rambling please take a min a let me know what you think. If you feel as I do and would voluenteer please note that in your reply.
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