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Default Re: first build got started today

Wow what a day of hardly any progress! I wanted to pull it apart as per good advice thanks to you guys, but got the jug off and was pulling off the rings to clean them/ piston and barly moved them and this happend

so I was a little miffed about this so I put the motor aside and desided to put the rear sproket on the wheel. Man was that hard with my fat fingers. Got the head and jug painted. What poor casting quailty done on the jug, but it did have a nice hone to it. Everything else looked fine but that jug... got some razor sharp edges on the air fins form bad castings and there was so much casting sand, metal shavings, and sharp burrs it about blew my mind.
Put the motor in the frame to do a mock up and see what I needed to do to get this thing working and I am gonna need some advice form you guys here.

I like where it is sitting at now ( gonna halft to figre out a mounting bracket for the front end, witch shouldnt be to hard. No biggie) but where its at I can't bolt up the stock exhaust pipe, it hits the bottem bracket. Not sure if I should push the engion forward a bit or extend/bend the pipe to where it dosent hit anymore. Right now it has a good solid mount on the seat post thats why I would rather work on the pipe than have 2 slightly weeker motor mounts rather than just one. let me know what you guys think. Any advice will be greatly aperacted!!!
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