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Default Re: old guy needs some help.

Originally Posted by crash vester View Post
Wow old man! <snip>.Now for the advice. (1) Go with a simple 2 stroke. Fairly easy to build, much more common, easyer to get help if you have a problem because there is so many people out there that have built them, and they are more powerfull than you would think. (2) Forget the cruiser. Go with a mountian bike. The coaster brake is a real nightmare to deal with. The rear hub on a crusier is as big round, and in some cases bigger round than the center hole in the spocket. The rear hub on a mountian bike isn't much bigger than a pencil and the sproket fits nicly on the spokes. Good luck, and have fun old man.
Get a hub-sprocket adapter, It will save a lotta grief and make builds easier and when you decide to change bikes, a lot easier to transfer motor gear to the new one

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