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Default Re: OY! Florida! OY! Sprockets!

Yes the 22 would be too big of a gear-

plus- unless you secured it to the flip/flop with the holes in the cog- it would tend to unscrew under backpressure- that's why there's a lockring on the outside of a track bike cog-,

I've searched before for track cogs but 22 is about the biggest- if someone made a 34 0r 36 or larger, we'd be in business, and could hold it in place with a lockring on a track hub

Most flip flops these days are coming 32, but 36 spokes aren't rare- the more the better, but I still don't want to jump up to 48 spokes

I have a 41 cog bolted directly to a flip/flop I drilled- but you need a large flange preferably not already drilled- out there but hard to find a bit

here's thread and pictures I posted before

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