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Doug do you have any idea how high a gear ratio those 81 MPH bikes are, the smallest gear on your mountain bike is their first gear and it takes them 5 miles on a flat road with no wind to get up to top speed.Plus they have carbon fiber bodies on them with almost no wind resistance and the bikes don't stand any more than a two feet high if that much and no more than 14 inches wide. And Humans are not RPM limited. These HT motors and cars have the same issue if you want to go faster get more HorsePower. Most people with a 44T sprocket can just barely reach 28MPH with the stock settings but when you upgrade engine parts exhaust etc, you can hit close 36MPH with a 44T sprocket. And wdpkr10 your right about the size of the wheel theory, but like I said HorsePower does matter and plays a HUGE part in how fast you can go with whatever size wheel and sprocket you have. I'm not trying to offend anybody I just the facts to be known.
Who needs brakes all they do is slow you down.

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