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Horses are horses. No matter the external upgrades you use, without changing the displacement they will only gallop so fast. Sure you can whip'em harder coming out the gate to try and get that .001th of a sec by using all kinds of aftermarket goodies, but in the sprint it's gonna come down to torque vs. speed ratio. That is determined solely by the diameter of the sprocket at your wheel. The larger it is the more torque you will have, as you decrease it in size the faster you can go. That is why a Jackshafted Bike will always win the race because you can adjust the ratio as needed. I mean there is no reason why you cant go 55mph on a tiny wheel sprocket except for the fact that it wouldn't have the torque to get movin off the line. so if you want top speed without playin catch up for the first half of the race get your gears an Jackshaft.
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