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Default OY! Florida! OY! Sprockets!

Last night I was so excited about jumping on the motorized bicycle bandwagon until this morning reading all about Florida's motorized bike laws AHHHH!!! One good thing is I have a motorcycle licence. Maybe that will help me 'when' I get stopped. IDK. I hate these laws!

Sercondly, question, I have this flip flop hub on my new bike and I'd really like to use it. I have not read of anyone using a 22 tooth sprocket. What would happen? I'm not necessarily looking for speed. 20mph would be fine with me even though I ordered an 80cc engine. going 20 here might help with the fuzz also since electrics are legal at 20...

Would the problem be starting it? What if I added on a second free rolling sprocket below making the chain extend? Would that change torque/whatever? Yeah, I have no clue here

My need for this machine is to get me to the market that is too far away for peddlin' at least when I don't want to pedal. Is there a norm calculation for teeth vs speed I can look at? Still have a week to 10 days before engine arrives so whether I mount the stock sprocket or not it's up in the air.

Best, Xeta
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