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Default Re: End of an Era?

I think dirt is closest to nailing the problem as there's certainly no shortage of demand, I see it as hardly "the end of an era" but one that's reaching all new heights - our forum's member base is evidence enough of that. I suspect motorized bicycles have never been this commonplace - and with fuel prices, the economy & environmental awareness also reaching their own sordid peaks, I can't help but presume that if anything they'll only become more popular.

While the China Girls have their allure, the world hardly revolves around them & while they have their problems - I suspect this one, another "shortage" is far more about inventory mismanagement than anything else. There's always been dry spells, many of these vendors are hardly ideal business models & add in importer shenanigans and it's really no surprise they're frequently "out of stock" w/all sorts of excuses during the riding season, yet always flush with all sorts of kits in the cold, wet winter months, when plummeting prices & discounts abound.

Who knows what sort of problems they've gotten themselves into? Does it even matter? Given the sheer demand for the product even despite it's issues, the profit margin despite it's low price - as others have mentioned there will always be something to fill the gap, even if it's not that particular vendor or even the China Girl itself.

This hobby isn't about the merchants, never has been. It's not even about the availability of kits, they're just a convenience. It's about the builds, the rides & the people that enjoy them - and we're only getting stronger

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