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Cool Power loss, reduced power, wot, high speed power loss

Hi everyone,

I bought a dresser black from spookytoothcycles in bisbee arizona and mounted the pk-80 kit on it. i broke it in nice and easy, and after a few weeks I was happily able to cruise at a constant 28-30mph, with a nice clean engine sound and good strong WOT/powerband performance.

The other day I took it for a slightly longer ride, but still under 20 minutes, and out of the blue I started loosing power / experiencing power loss at full throttle / top speed. The engine would suddenly bog down for a bit, then after reduced throttle, would pick up for a bit, then bog down again, etc.

I've read tons of posts, tried a hundred different things, and the best I can tell is that the carburetor reservoir is not sufficiently maintaining enough fuel to get pulled up by the jet. (But it used to do this, at least for the first few weeks??) I notice when I mess with the tickler while riding the problem will sometimes go away for 10-20 seconds, but it always returns.

I've read about drilling out the inlet to allow more gas to get in, but I worry I'll end up with a leaking inlet and have to replace the whole carb. I'd like to avoid doing that if possible. Besides which this problem didn't occur for a few weeks during which time I could WOT with no problems at all. I've tried adjusting the fork that pushes down on the floater (both upward and downward bend adjustments), I've tried adjusting the c-clip, I've tried cleaning all filters (tank, main line filter) and checking all points in the carb for clogs. I'm beginning to think that the tickler itself may letting air into the reservoir, and ultimately causing fuel foam to build up, which might push the float higher than it really should be and/or might prevent the jet from being immersed in sufficient fuel.

Has anyone else encountered this problem on an 80 engine? Any solutions that ultimately made it go away for good? I really hope this isn't how the bike will be from here on out. 20-24mph sucks when you're used to cruising right at or below 30mph.


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