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Default Re: Newbie Here looking for a Kit

$150 is tight. I think that I have more than $650 into mine and I only paid $50 for the bike. Granted that I also installed a jack shaft shift kit, but that still only adds up to $450 for the engine kit, shift kit and bike. So at that rate, if you already have the bike and you aren't installing a jack shaft kit then you could safely figure $350 by the time you are all said and done. You could either try to find a kit with upgraded accessories (throttle and what-not) or you could just buy a motor and then buy the better quality accessories. That way you aren't buying them twice (once with the kit and a second time when the cheap parts that came with the kit break). My advise on accessories is to get the NT carb not the CNS carb. I have the CNS carb and it works well when tuned correctly, but it can be a real bear to tune. Just plan on upgrading the spark plug and spark plug wire. The stock plug boot on my wire was really cheap plastic and it broke right away. The good quality plug wires do not work with the cheap plugs and vise-versa. So if you upgrade one you have to upgrade the other. It is worth it though. As said many times before, upgrade all the bolts and hardware. The ones with the kit are junk. However, it is often times the same amount of money to buy a kit as it is to just buy a motor. Check you bike frame dimensions as well. You may have to buy stuff to make the engine fit. The adapters for different tube sizes are usually only $15 or so, but it all adds up. You could probably also find good deals on new parts from people here. For instance, since I installed a jack shaft kit right away, I now have a new rear sprocket, chain guard, chain tensioner, and hub that I will never use.
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