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Default Re: Chain lube and rust

I use this stuff now so far its been the best thing I have come across. I have not tried every thing. Got a can at a yard sale a little goes a long way too. It does not fling so it has been very easy to maintain a perfectly detailed bike. I like a clean grease free bike.

I have used the WD before as a cutting agent on a rag for detailing. Worked good. You can get children's melted crayons off the car seat upholstery with WD too. That and a wet dry vac/Steam cleaner.

Chain Wax - $6.49 : Maxima Racing USA, - Overkill

Oh yeah and dogs don't know? Beggin' Strips - YouTube wut? lol imagine that works pretty good. Keeps them from biting your ankles
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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