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Default Re: Newbie Here looking for a Kit

Originally Posted by Artemis1814 View Post
Thank you for your response.

Generally speaking if it's over 50cc I was saying that I would probably go into complications with the law. I just didn't know what so I was just stating possibilities, all I know there are no restrictions if it's under.

I can do more than $150, but it's my ideal budget. I already have a bike so I'm pretty much just looking for a kit. And just my preference Motorized Bicycles are pretty BA compared to Scooters and Mopeds xD.

Sadly this would be my first time, and I wouldn't know what sites are the safe and reliable ones to use when buying kits.
My only experience with kits are with But that was only once, and recently some people's orders got delayed because their inventory shipment was late. At least that's what I think happened.

One of the sponsors on this site is, who's not only a member of this site but he's proven to be reliable. I've bought parts from him. His kits are a little more expensive though and as far as I know aren't that much better than other kits, but at least he's been around a while it seems.

Many people seem to get their kits off ebay from the seller named boygofast. I don't know much about the quality of his kits, but the advantage to buying on ebay means you'd have a certain amount of scam protection.

However, I have relatively little experience in comparison to some other members here, so you should probably wait for some more people to reply before you make a decision.

I agree with you that motorized bicycles have a certain charm that a lot of mopeds/scooters don't have. The mopeds usually have more power and storage, but depending on what you need, a motorized bicycle might work just fine. The thing I love most about motorized bicycles is how repairable they are. Parts for the bicycle itself are freely available at bike shops everywhere, and there are lots of replacement parts for the engines themselves on the internet. Unlike most scooters which, when run into the ground, aren't really worth repairing or are possible to repair.

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