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Default Re: Chain lube and rust

Another thing about WD-40 is that long term it will not prevent rust at all in my experience, I have known people that have cleaned and thoroughly coated firearms with WD-40 before storing them in a closed gun case and then in just a few months pull a rifle out and it has surface rust all over it inspite of the WD-40.

It's good at water displacement for ignitions and such, but like it has been said by many here... isn't a good lubricant at all, the best thing for rust prevention on many things is a good spray down with silicone spray and the lightly wipe it all over evenly before it dries, this actually forms a barrier from moisture that's way better than anything WD-40 can do in my experience.

I use WD-40 as a cleaner, starting fluid and as a water displacer but for nothing else most of the time, for a chain lube I use a quick drying spray Teflon fluoropolymer Wax Chain lube made by Dupont, it repells dust and dirt and keeps my chain in great shape in the very dusty conditions my bike are always in where I do most of my riding which is mainly dirt roads.

Dupont Chain Saver Teflon Polymer wax Lubricant

Product Description
Proprietary Self-Cleaning Technology. Dry, Teflon Wax Lubricant. Will Not Absorb Abrasive Contaminants.
Formulated for chains and cables used in high contamination or wet environments.
Goes on wet to penetrate & evenly coat frictional surfaces with a dry Teflon fluoropolymer wax film.
Teflon wax film will not absorb abrasive contaminants including dirt, grit, paper dust, mill powders, lint and grass.
Surface contaminants activate release agents, causing bits of the wax structure, and the contaminant, to shed off the chain or frictional surface. This patented self-cleaning process keeps parts clean, so they work better and last longer.
Formulated with Teflon fluoropolymer to ensure excellent resistance against water and chemical contaminants.
Organic, non-staining molybdenum enhances boundary lubrication and delivers extreme pressure performance.
Chain-Saver remains dry up to 120F, (48C). From 120F to 300F (144C), it performs like a conventional wet-style oil lubricant. Ideal for use in applications where:
Chains are exposed to abrasive contaminants, where traditional oil and grease lubricants contribute to abrasive wear.
High RPM chains like motorcycle, ATV, Kart etc, where conventional oil lubricants will fling-off.
Chains or cables need a Teflon coating to resist chemical contaminants or water.
O-Ring Safe.


Provides long-lasting lubrication in demanding conditions.
Reduces equipment downtime, replacement parts & labor costs.
Ensures smoother, more efficient operation & longer chain life.
Non-oily, dry Teflon wax film will not attract or absorb abrasives.
Provides a clean, thermally stable barrier between moving parts.
Substantially increases the life of chains, sprockets and cables by minimizing contaminant build-up & abrasive wear.
Reduces chain stretching and cable slop.
Protects against rust and corrosion.
Will not fling o

Peace, map

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I think I've been insulted, but I'm too old to be sure

The WD in WD-40 stands for water displacement. It works for that and some other things but it is not a very good lubricant. I've had very good luck with keeping my chains clean and relubricating them with chain saw chain and bar lube. It's rather thick and heavy, doesn't sling off too bad and for some odd reason doesn't seem to trap and hold dirt as bad as some thinner lubricants I've tried.
Like everything else with this hobby, find something that works for you and let others do what works for them. That's why there's chocolate & vanilla.
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I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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