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Default Re: Newbie Here looking for a Kit

$150 is a tight budget, even for the cheap kits we all use. You'll also have to plan on spending extra to replace some of the shoddy items that come with the kit.

Do you already have a bike? If not, look around at various Goodwill stores until you find a halfway decent bike. I once found a really nice vintage Schwinn with saddlebags, headlight and all, and I was too stupid to buy it on the spot and someone else got it.

I got my kit from The 66cc silver slant kit, to be exact. The engine itself has worked great for me so far. Just remember though that no matter where you buy an engine, these chinese motors are considered to be a crapshoot. There's a chance you'll end up with one that you'll need to fix a little bit to get working properly. Some people need to sand down the bottom of the engine head to get it flat enough, so before you install your engine you should remove the head and make sure it sits flat.

Are you sure you need insurance in Maine? It's possible, but I live in California which is generally considered a pretty strict state and no insurance is required for motorized bicycles.

If you think you're gonna look weird on a moped, then chances are you'll look weird on a homemade motorized bicycle. You can either try to accept it or do the best you can to make your bike look really cool.

Try looking through the different sponsors on this site to find the most affordable kit. Then also plan on buying some new fuel line(the one that comes with the kits are crap), and some quik steel in case your gas tank has any leaks.

My only other advice for installing a kit is to bolt your throttle to the handlebar. These kits make you drill a hole in the handlebar so that the cheesy plastic peg in the throttle holds it in place. After a few weeks the peg snapped on my bike and I almost lost control. I've had it bolted in ever since and the throttle works great otherwise.
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