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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I wasn't trying to be a "jackass", but I did learn my lesson (slow down and get it straight before hitting the gas). I went to get gas at that station today and looked. I didn't leave any scratch marks on the road, but there is an oil slick there, from where the cars hit a bump in the road coming through the intersection, and drip. Bet that is how come I slid so far. Oh well.
I think the stunt guy was doing 100+mph and drinking alcohol too.

I think I like the 5 minute vid length better than a 10 min one, Happy... even with de-emphasis on the 'jackass' part! lol and THAT guy REALLY bought it, big time, in his porsche... idiot. some people just don't learn soon enough.

glad to hear you found a prob that can be resolved with your throttle.
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