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Default Re: Chain lube and rust

Sometimes you'll see references to chains stretching, they don't, they wear and wearing is what makes them longer. Wear is caused by grit acting as an abrasive in the moving parts and heavy use of oil or grease acts as a dirt magnet.

The best thing for all driving chain is to clean throughly and really the only way to do that is take it off the bike and immerse in cleaning solvent. I use kerosene but there are simple green type solvents as well, they just don't do as good a job. I fill a couple of screw top plastic bottles with solvent and drop the chain into them and shake it well, a first wash to get most of the grit out, then a second bottle for final rinse. I let the grit settle for several days and pour off the clean solvent and reuse it over and over.

After thoroughly cleaning I lube chains with a homemade concoction: 4 parts mineral spirits to 1 part 30 wt motor oil. The mineral spirits act as a transfer medium to allow the flow of lube to enter the pins and bushings then evaporates leaving just a thin film of lube on the interior wearing parts of the chain, a few bucks makes a lifetime supply, the chain stays much cleaner and is easier to wash the next time.

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