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Originally Posted by darkhawk22 View Post
I'd really like to have one of the 110Volt versions I'm just wondering how well they work.

As long as your not trying to weld to big of stock and you stay within the capabilities of the welder you will be fine.

What I mean by the capabilities of the welder is that the welder is a 20% duty cycle. which means you can weld continuously for 12 minutes before the over heat protection trip will cut the power.

To get beyond the short duty cycle what i do is this I picked up one of these blower fans and I set it by the louvers of the welder and turn on the fan to keep the welder cool.

The welder instructions say a 15 amp circuit is recommended but I found with the fan blowing on the welder I was tripping the circuit breaker.
To solve this issue, I ran 10/2 with ground wire from the breaker box to the garage and installed a 20 amp breaker at the garage. Haven't had a trip out since.

It is a great little welder and I love it!
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