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Default Re: old guy needs some help.

Hello again Jay; In my last post I may have sounded a little rude saying things like, forget this, or go with that. I am sorry for that. I have been involved in building 7 bikes. Only one was a cruiser, the other 6 were mountian bikes. I understand that you have a vintage balloon tire bike you want to use. That bike probably has value as is. Let me tell you a few things I found out about building a cruiser. I already told you about the rear hub being so big that the sprocket doesn't want to fit. I told you the coaster brake is a problem, we were lucky and all we had to do was put it in a vice and bend it. Somthing else about these type bikes is that they have fenders. The front part of the rear fender and the chain want to occupy the same space. We tried bending it but that didn't work because there is a tire in there, so we had to cut it off. Then the tire and the chain want to rub each other. With a balloon tire bike this will be serious. Mountian bikes have streight down tubes that make a (V) shape and the cruisers front down bar is bent outward resembleing a pot belly. The motor fits nicely in the (V) shape, but not so nice in the cruiser. You may have to do some modifying here too. These bikes do vibrate alot and those darn fenders aren't made to take that. We have had the rivets that conect the fender to its mounting brackets pop out. Not a big fix but its going to destroy the value of your vintage bike. I would advise you to get a mountian bike at a yard sale for your first build. Yes , I said at a yard sale. Get an older style mountian bike with round bars. This is what the motor mounts fit. The newer bikes have egg shaped bars and thats not good. Just trying to help Jay....Give me a wrench and I'll build you anything.... Give me a computer and I'll pull my hair out... I am computer il-idiot.
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