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Default Re: Pull Start / Centrifical Clutch ???

Originally Posted by OSCAR383 View Post
Ive got two questions first one ive seen on ebay a pull start for the 2 stroke engines that bolts over the magneto.

1. has anyone purchased one and does it work????
2. do they make a centrifical clutch for the two strokes ive tried searchin the site and cant find a thread . and if so , again, has anyone purchased one and does it work.

planing my next build . yes another stingray but its will be a trike conversion. with a wood bed on it. as always your help is need and im sure you will deliver
I've never used the pull start but I hear it works great....the only centrifugal clutch that I know of comes from Livefast...dont know if you could just mount it to a non-centrifugal motor. I think for a extra $50.00 you can get the centrifugal clutch with your kit.

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