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Default Re: HF Welder help

Sounds like yer making progress, least ur at a trouble-shooting stage!

If you can, for testing, use a 20a breaker so there's not such a darn big spark when things are wrong!!! lol 50a's is one heck of a spark!

You CAN weld on 20a's of 220, it'll just trip when you try to turn it up to a higher rate... IME, prob is usually in how the plug was wired up... a shorted wire.

Unfortunately, it's never possible to rule out a defective china product.
Good thing HF maintains a good return policy.

Auto-darkening helmets...
My kid has a $300+ NexGen helmet that is noticeably FAR superior than anything else I have ever used.
Yah gets what yah pay for. :-)

I have a TIG welder.
This creates a problem because at low amperage, cheap helmets will NOT auto-darken. So I use a fixed lens in my jackson 411P when the NexGen is not available.

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