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Default Re: Hail all -- bearings, bike, & longivity

Welcome to the forum, glad you joined us

Well lets see, I've done 140 miles, 100 miles, 70, 60, 50 ,40, 30, 20 and I dont stop every 30 minutes. I have ridden for hours non stop. And this is in the 110deg. AZ heat

But I do take it easy and cruise 20-25mph. I use a good quality 2-stroke oil and do a lot of maintenance to my bike. I have more problems with the bicycle then I do my motor.

I've been running my motor for 5 years and well over 4,500miles. But, I did a compression check the other day and she is getting tiered.

One of the best ways ( In my opinion) to keep these motors running is to leave them stock with no performance upgrades.

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