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Default Re: My First build, EXCITED, but please help.

Originally Posted by clashed13 View Post
I want to get all the materials I need before I even start attaching anything. But I am straight up broke spent every penny I had buying the bike and motor, Its a china "80cc", It says that my kit doesnt come with clutch because of new design. Is this right? Or where they too cheap to include it?

80cc 2-Cycle Engine Moto Kit Motorized Bicycle Bike | eBay
It doesn't say "clutch" It says it does not come with a "kill switch" which is a way to shut down the engine by way of an electrical connection to the ignition circuit. Looks to me like they're just being cheap. A kill switch is considered a safety device and it should be a part of the kit. I highly suggest you install one and not rely on the clutch or choke lever to shut down the engine.
Ebay is not the best choice for these engine kits. You'd have been better off buying through a reputable vendor who will stand behind his sale.
Good luck.
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