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Default Re: old guy needs some help.

I'm 73, built 2 motorbikes when I was in my 20's. I have been working on a chopper with a donut spare tire from a car, its the same size as the Swhinn chopper. I weigh 220 , my son weighs 300 and the tires on the Chinese bikes look a little flat when we get on them. Brigs and Stratton made a 1/2 horse, 7/8 horse ,1 and 1/2 horse and a 2 horse engine all legal in California. I have them all and was thinking about a friction wheel to keep the noise down and make things simple. We have a store bought electric bicycle that is fast enough for a old guy but we want to smell the burning oil and schlack from under the head gasket. Gives me a lot to think about, good luck with yours.
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