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Default Hail all -- bearings, bike, & longivity

I have read forums, studied all the kits i can find online, and tried to educate myself on motored bikes. As a kid, I always wanted to put a small motor on my bike... t'was a pipedream. Now, the pipedream may become a reality.

I am retired, tall (6'-8") & weigh over 300 lb. Will I need a dual suspension bike? My biggest question is in reference to roller and ball bearings in chinamotors. Some seem to have them and some... maybe not. What is the most dependable, long lasting purchase.

I want to be able to take 200 mile trips, but I hear people say to run these motors for 30 or so minutes or you will burn em up. Can a chinamotor run for extended times? I hear they can last for 4 or 5,000 miles. Is that based on 30 minute runs or more? Do any of you hit the road with these motored bikes?

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