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Default New kid from MI.

Hi, everybody. New kid here from Saginaw, MI.

I accidentally found this place yesterday, when I did a GIS looking for a representative picture of my bike to show my aunt. The first picture I clicked was my bike... with a motor. I found this to be incredibly cool, and spent most of the evening browsing this site. I spent the rest of the evening daydreaming about what I wanted to build. I happen to like my bike the way it is, so I won't be doing anything with that particular one, but sooner or later I'll get another bike and an engine to go with it.

I'm not very mechanically inclined, so the thought of working with engines and sprockets and chains and all that good stuff is a bit frightening. So for now, you won't hear much from me. I'll be lurking around, soaking up what I can, occasionally chiming in to tell somebody how cool their bike looks, and that's about it. But one day I'll do it. Hopefully soon.
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