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Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Hey folks, this is something I've thought about since I opened the first kit box, but was just reminded of yesterday when I had a wipeout. As I went into a curve a cager rode my back left corner and ran me out of room and I ran up against the curb, dumping me on my right side on the sidewalk with the motor laying on it's side going nuts at idle.

The kill switch on the throttle is.. well, I won't call it garbage since it does work much of the time. What I'm thinking about is either something like the powersports toys like jet skis etc have, a key attached to the rider that completes the circuit that will come out and kill the motor of you're knocked off the bike, or some other form of deadman switch.

Maybe a rocker switch (like the old household thermostats used) that could be mounted to the stem of the handlebars that would break the circuit if the angle of the bike to the road exceeds (x) degrees.. Something that would still allow you to lean into a turn but would break connection if you fall over.

Any ideas?
I have no clue how to come up with something like this, but I love the idea. Would definitely come in handy for 'newer' riders.
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