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Default Re: HF Welder help

Don, GREEN is always ground.

Your welder will require feed from a 220 volt breaker.
I'd use a 30amp rated breaker and some #10 wire to get it somewhere that you can actually use it.

The black and white are both hot legs.

Don, if you are not CERTAIN what you are doing, electrical work, messing with service panels and 220v stuff is a real EZ way to get hurt. I can tell you what to do, but one little bit lost in translation could really create a problem.

You really should have someone help you, hands on, if there is any doubt, at all.

Best way to use that little mig welder is to plug into an existing electric dryer outlet. You'd need to make up your own cord to run to the welder.

#10 wire will work for a 30 or 40amp breaker, but you would need heavier wire for a 50amp breaker, and I don't think that lil welder is gonna draw that much, anyway.

...I've wired hundreds of homes, but I am a hack when doing stuff in my own garage... so there's my forewarning !

Be cautious.
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