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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I used an Everio family camera with the flip -open viewfinder and ready-for-youtube factory software. I uploaded my video to Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, and just "snipped" anywhere I wanted, and deleted parts less interesting until the video was under 10min. I have some friends who have never ridden a motor bicycle or motorcycle, some who have never ridden a bicycle or haven't since they were little kids, so they wanted a video to see what I was so excited about.

The Everio camera is NOT really good for bike videos. It gets distortion from vibration, and it is very fragile, esp at the point where the viewfinder attaches to the main camera. I just made a 20 minute video cruising around. I am not using it on any more bike videos.

The camera mount was easy though, just a Failblog type There_I_Fixed_it setup, made of steel stock, 2 x 3/8 bolts and hardware, a 1/4 screw, wingnut to mount the camera, some tape for padding, and a filed down deck screw for an anti-rotation pin. Gorrilla tape on the handlebars will prevent camera rotation. Rubber shims did not work the best.

I bent the bracket to place the camera a couple inches higher and right over the bars. When it is far out front, the view swings a lot.
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