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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I think I like the 5 minute vid length better than a 10 min one, Happy... even with de-emphasis on the 'jackass' part! lol and THAT guy REALLY bought it, big time, in his porsche... idiot. some people just don't learn soon enough.

glad to hear you found a prob that can be resolved with your throttle.

when looking through my pile of salvage bikes I have found that the quality, and 'suppleness' of some cables is far superior to most of them. much less drag in the housing! So I make up almost all my cables from scraps out of the pile, and look for the best ones. The throttle cable really doesn't need to be strong, like the clutch cable, or best I can find, for the brakes... It just needs to be really flexible to be sure it will idle down.

Thinkin back on my old days of dirtbikes with mikuni carbs, the spring in the slide of these china bikes sure is strong compared to what the minkunis had in them.

I still think you can go one size smaller on your main jet, then re-adjust your needle for that...

What camera and SW do you use for your vids????

Anim8r !!!!

Yah! Would you pls start a thread on how to make motorized bicycle vids?
I'd do it, but I'm just a clod and don't know nuthin abt it.

I got a 5yr old Panasonic GS300 that uses the DVtapes. No edit SW now, but would you recommend any freeware?

I'm even having trouble understanding the little tiny plug ports on the camera. lol

Where is best place to mount a cam on the MAB??? Handlebars for turning movement? Frame for stability? Helmet cam???

is anyone taking special precautions for like when Happy bailed out?

OK, I got no wheels! Gotta take a BICYCLE over to the parts house to see if they got the internal crank seals so I can start putting my motorized bicycle back together.

Also gonna check out a rear luggage rack from the pile, too.

Note to self: Next time I can, swing by the apartment complexes to check the dumpsters for bikes from the move-outs !

Gosh. That fancy new wheel, spokes, and tire sound GR8 !!!
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