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Default Re: old guy needs some help.

Wow old man! You sound like me! You didn't give your age but I'll give you mine. I am 65 years old, 6'3", used to be just over 210# but have slid down to about 190 now. Built and raced dirt track cars in my younger days. I don't even like to raise the hood of a car any more but these bikes are a real trip. Me and my brother have built a total of 7 of them. I built the first one 2 years ago all by myself just to see if I could do it. When my brother saw it he freaked, and said, "I want one". So I helped him build one and he ended up building 5, one for every member of his family and I built a 2nd one, (I live alone). Me, my brother and his wife ride them together every chance we get. We never stop laughing about how people react when we go by. They stop dead in there tracks and there jaw hits the ground.......Now for the advice. (1) Go with a simple 2 stroke. Fairly easy to build, much more common, easyer to get help if you have a problem because there is so many people out there that have built them, and they are more powerfull than you would think. (2) Forget the cruiser. Go with a mountian bike. The coaster brake is a real nightmare to deal with. The rear hub on a crusier is as big round, and in some cases bigger round than the center hole in the spocket. The rear hub on a mountian bike isn't much bigger than a pencil and the sproket fits nicly on the spokes. Good luck, and have fun old man.
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