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Default Hey guys! This stuff is awesome!

Hey everyone. My name is Aaron aka "Rmerac", I'm a 19 year old Web Development Major attending MCC for my Associates Degree in Applied Science. I reside in Kansas City/Independence, Missouri, and my passion WAS only computers, until recently I was forced to find a new way of transportation because my '92 Mustang LX broke down on me. I've ridden one of these motor bicycles before, a couples times. My uncle ordered his own a year or so ago and built it piece by piece. I have to say, 'twas HELLA FUN. Anyways, these past few days I've been surfing the web and found an awesome kit, and bike that I want to start with. I've always wanted a motorcycle, (specifically a Kawasaki Ninja), but until I get out of college, and get my career started, these motor bikes will have to settle. Although, I think these things are pretty sick, so I'm not really settling ha, more like choosing, (especially considering the MPG's). I had a few questions about getting started, but I will save those for another post in the appropriate section(s) later on. Anyways, great to be here!


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